Ministry Training Schools in GBM Academy

Are You Called To Be An Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Evangelist or Teacher?

If you know God has called you, and you would like to receive specialized training for your calling, then you have found the best place to be trained. 

We have two full training schools, along with a host of individual fivefold and ministry courses on GBM Courses, that will help you to rise up quickly to a place where God can use you. Each school specializes in different aspects of ministry calling, and there are some overlaps, so that you can be fully trained no matter where your calling lies. 

Since all classes are followed online, you can receive quality training no matter where you are. Training costs have been kept to a minimum, making it possible for you to study easily and well within your budget. 

Here Are Our Training Schools and Fivefold Courses

There is an Apostolic School for training those called to be Apostles

You can find  that school here: Go to The Apostolic School

There is a Prophetic School for training those called to be Prophets

GBM Prophetic School

You can find  that school here: Go to The Prophetic School

There is GBM Courses for training those called to be Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists

You can find selective training courses for the following ministries here:

Pastoral, Teaching and Evangelistic Courses

All Ministry Courses