Live Training For Apostles Prophets and Fivefold Ministry

GBM Academy is located in Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa. Training for all levels of ministry are offered live in our local training schools for those who reside in South Africa.

Students may attend either a weekly or monthly training class. This allows more students to attend while continuing with their normal activities.

You May Do Our Live Training From a Distance

God has given us the mandate to train His leaders to help build a new church according to His pattern.

The best kind of training is live or hands on training. But it is not always possible for students to travel to a college to study  full time.  And we are not yet ready to run a daily full time school.

So we offer classes on a weekly and monthly basis in our live training school. Those who live nearby can attend, and some who live some distance away can still attend a monthly class.

But we want to reach students internationally. So we have found a way to offer our fully training online.

All Lessons Are Captured Into Video

Each of our class sessions is fully captured into video camera. This also includes student interaction and personal ministry. 

We then create audio files and transcripts from the live sessions, and upload all of these to our school websites. 

Those who would like to study from a distance can then enroll as students and access all the materials online from our school websites. They can then submit student projects for marking online, and interact with our lecturers from a distance. 

Modern technology thus makes it possible for us to train you no matter where you are.  

How To Enroll In Our Training Live or From a Distance

We have separate training schools for all of the Fivefold Ministry and also other specialized school courses. Each of these has its own website, where you can find out more and enroll as a student

Here is a list of our current training schools

GBM Apostolic School

GBM Prophetic School

GBM Pastoral School

GBM School of Blessing

GBM Marital Counseling School