Accreditation and Recognition

Principles of Accreditation

It is common practice amongst educational institutions to register with public organizations and governmental bodies in order to set a standard of education and provide accreditation for qualifications offered. 

The main purpose for this is to set a standard in education and also to assure students that their educational qualifications will be recognized elsewhere. 

This is good where standard education is concerned, and where similar subjects are being offered by various educational institutions. 

Ministry Training is NOT Education

If this is what you were looking for by studying with us, then we need to explain from the outset that we are NOT a standard educational institution.

GBM Academy is a place to train those who are called by God to the highest levels of ministry in the Body of Christ. Those who qualify to take up a position as a Fivefold Minister in the Body of Christ CANNOT be trained and qualified simply by taking an educational course and passing an intellectual standard. 

It is God who trains His leaders. We are a bit like midwives, helping in the birthing process, and the training we provide gives far more than intellectual knowledge. We impart the anointing of God, and release the power of God into the lives of those who come for training. 

A Degree Does Not Mean Qualification For Ministry

We do offer degrees to those who complete our courses, in recognition for their efforts in going through our courses. However a student cannot be said to qualify for a ministry calling simply because they have earned a degree. 

And those who study in order to gain recognition and a name for themselves in the world, certainly do not show a true motive or heart for the call of God. We are not called to exalt ourselves, but we are called to prepare the Bride of Christ and make her ready for her Bridegroom.

No worldly organization could possibly set a standard for this kind of training, as the standards are set and policed by the Lord Himself. 

We Set Our Own Standard

As Fivefold trainers under an Apostolic Father, we do not need recognition from other institutions, but we have set a new standard for training in the Body of Christ. The future church will be built based on these new standards, rather than the standards of the world. 

So if having a degree that is accredited and recognized by others is important to you, we must conclude that you do not have a true calling to the Fivefold Ministry. And we therefore do not advise that you study with us. You are not likely qualify in God’s eyes for the goal you are aiming for. 

Please feel free to find another institution that does offer this kind of recognition.