Apostolic Prophetic Training

Training For Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists

Raising the Fivefold Ministry to a New Level

No matter what we do in life, we have to qualify first. And this often means doing some study. When you come to prepare for the ministry it is no different.

Most first degrees usually take about three years to complete. And we see a similar pattern when Jesus trained His disciples.

He spent three years with them, giving them first hand training. Then He could send them out into the world to fulfill their calling.

Training is Our Mandate

The Lord began preparing us some years ago to train God’s leaders. Now we stand as Apostolic Trainers, ready to train and impart to each believer, what they need to carry out their calling.

GBM Academy offers specialized training ranging from the Apostolic and Prophetic down to Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists. There is also extra training for those who are also called to be Fivefold Entrepreneurs.

You Could Study Live or Online

We are resident in South Africa, where we offer both live training and online training.

If you live in Southern Africa near the Johannesburg or Pretoria area, and you have an Apostolic Prophetic calling, you could attend live training which is offered periodically a course at a time.  But no matter where you are in the world, you can get a front seat via the internet.

The marvels of modern technology now allow us to do some wonderful things that we could not do before. The internet has opened up a wonderful world of opportunities.

How To Study With Us

Individual Subjects

You may want to study only certain subjects without qualifying for a degree. Each subject in the schools is available as a separate course, including all materials and projects. You may purchase any of the courses up front and study at your leisure.

This option does not include personal mentorship, and the projects submitted will only be marked on completion of the course. Students who wish to also have mentorship and additional input should also register as Partners of Global Business Ministries.

Full Degrees

On completion of a course subject, the student will be given credits towards a full degree. On completion of all the necessary subjects, they may qualify for a degree.

School Degree Courses Available

The Apostolic School

The Prophetic School

The Pastoral School

There will also be an annual graduation ceremony that students can attend to receive their degree certificates in a live meeting.

To view our last graduation visit this web address:


Partners of GBMI

If you are a contributing partner of Global Business Ministries International and have committed to a higher partnership level, you may have free access to any or all of our courses.

For more information on partnership levels, check our partner website here:


Degrees and Certificates Available

Each School contains different modules of study, which will qualify you to receive a certificate at different levels.

BMin Degree – The Bachelor of Ministry

MMin Degree – The Master of Ministry

DMin Degree – The Doctor of Ministry  (Available only for Apostolic School Students)

Please Note

No student will be allowed to take a higher degree course without having completed the lower level of study. So you must do the Bachelors course first before starting the Masters course.

The Doctoral course will only be offered to students who have completed the necessary courses to qualify. 

Graduation and Certification

Those who complete the requirements for a degree will be invited to attend an official graduation ceremony (held at least once per year in Gauteng, South Africa).

Graduation gowns will be hired for the occasion and the leaders of GBMI and GBM Academy will be present to give personal ministry and direction to graduates.

If you are unable to attend graduation, you will be able to receive your Degree Certificate via mail. There will be a cost to cover printing, shipping and handling.

Accreditation and Affiliation

Global Business Ministries International is not subject to accreditation from worldly sources such as Government. We have set our own standard to cover all Branch Ministries or Affiliate Ministries of Global Business Ministries International.

Anyone wishing to set up their own school as a Branch of GBM Academy will need to become a full member of Global Business Ministries International.

Those who wish to work alongside GBMI as Affiliate Ministries will need to apply for accreditation with GBM International and hold qualifications with GBM Academy. Their students will then be recognized by all churches operating under the banner of Global Business Ministries International.