Live and free training options in South Africa for Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Pastors and Evangelists

Free Fivefold Ministry Training in South Africa

GBM Academy is located in Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa. Training for all levels of ministry are offered internationally online and live in our local training schools for those who reside in South Africa.

Our Online Training is FREE

God has given us the mandate to train His leaders to help build a new church according to His pattern. 

We realize that costs of education and training can be high at times. And many of those who have a true calling do not have the financial resources to afford a full training program. 

On the other hand, we as a ministry in this world, need finances to survive and efficiently do the work of the Lord. So unless we have some kind of income, we cannot continue to offer this high level training.

As we have prayed about it, we felt that the Lord gave us wisdom on how to approach this in a way that would allow us to offer more to those who do not have the financial resources to go through a full study program.

A Solution That Helps Everyone

Here is what we have decided to do so that we can survive and have enough to run this ministry effectively, while at the same time offering more to everyone who has the call of God on their life.

1. Ministry Training Online Will Be Free

This means that anyone who has the call of God and has a computer or mobile device with access to the internet, will be able to study with us and receive ministry training freely.

Students will not need to pay a registration fee to join our schools, and they will not need to pay for their lectures, the lessons or the marking. 

We do however require each applicant to complete a questionnaire and complete a ministry evaluation project, which will help us to direct the student to the right kind of studies. 

We also reserve the right to refuse or expell any student whom we may feel is not worthy of this training and is showing a spirit that is not acceptable to us. This will not be done lightly, but we do want to set a standard to protect those who mean business with the call of God.

Students are required to read and agree to our Terms and Conditions before applying for enrollment as a student

2. Course Textbooks Are Available For Purchase

Although we are able to offer all lessons and training online free, students will only be given the lecture and textbook materials relating to their current course at a time. These will be available to read online, but not for download. As they proceed with their studies, additional materials will be given.

If you wish to download and own the full course textbooks, you will be able to purchase these separately. This is not necessary to complete your studies, but your own personal choice. 

All course materials in the form of ebooks, audio and video downloads will be available at very reasonable prices so that anyone who is able may purchase them to help in their studies. 

Books may be purchased either from our bookshop at or from either on Kindle or where available, in printed form.

We are also printing our books locally in South Africa, so those who prefer a printed book may order their textbooks directly from us. These are again offered at very reasonable prices, considering the steady devaluation of the Rand against the US Dollar. 

3. We Depend on Those Who Partner With Us

God's pattern is that we should share together in such a way that those who have excess may provide what is lacking from those who do not. 

The early church operated that way, with various believers giving to the apostles what they had in excess, so that there was enough to feed the poor. 

We invite those who can afford it to partner with us and commit to a monthly support of the work. This enables us to offer more freely to those who cannot afford it. Living in Africa we meet many from impoverished lands who have little income. But they have the call of God, and with a bit of help they can rise up and do great things for the Lord.

As an appreciation for those who commit as partners to supporting this ministry on a regular basis, we offer not only free training, but also free downloads of our textbooks and ministry resources. 

Where Are You At This Time?

We have taken a bold step to offer our training freely to qualifying students. But we need your support to help us do this efficiently.

If God is speaking to you about joining us as a partner, why not visit our Partnership website at to find out more. 

How To Enroll In An Online School

Select which of our six schools you wish to enroll in (They are all listed on the Home Page of this website). Then click the button on that school website labeled "Application".

There you will be told what is required of you, and once you have done that, there will be a link to enroll in that school FREELY, without any payment needing to be made. 

You may complete an application for Free Online Training at one of our schools using one of the following links:

Prophetic School

Apostolic School

Teachers School

Pastors School

Evangelists School

Fivefold Business School



Free Ministry Training in South Africa

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